Whether you are new or returning team, some of the best advice for teams is to strive for consistency.  Teams should seek players who consistently attend matches, and teams should strive to play together on a consistent basis - whether through league matches or practice/pick-up games.  The best teams maintain positive communication and productive feedback during their games, and even find time to hang out together outside of soccer.  SFCRSL suggests that teams use the bulletin feature in their team profile to communicate with each other between matches, and take advantage of pick-up games and practice fields available through SFCRSL.

New to creating your own soccer team?  It's easy! Here's how.

1. Register your team online and submit the team fee.  When prompted use all of your players' e-mail addresses to send invites to join your team.

2. Recruit players (up to the roster maximum) & designate team co-captains.  Pick a team name and team color (athletic shirts are available for sale as an optional team jersey). Pinnies with numbers can be purchased on Amazon for about $3 each.

3. Ensure each player accepts the SFCRSL waiver, uploads a headshot photo, and completes their information while logged into their player profile.

4. Contact SFCRSL for help recruiting free agents to fill up open player slots.

5. Additional online management features allow teams to easily communicate with teammates, track payments, and photo uploads.  Leagueapps sends an automatic e-mail reminder to all players with game time and location.

**Neither San Francisco Coed Recreational Soccer League ("SFCRSL") nor Bay Area Adult Soccer League ("BAASL") will sell or release your information to third parties.  All personal information is used for SFCRSL and BAASL internal purposes only.

In an outdoor 11v11 game, no team is allowed to have more than 6 players of any gender on the field at anytime.  A team forfeits if it does not have the minimum 7 players, including a goalkeeper, when the match begins. Below are examples of possible acceptable team lineups at kickoff:

  • 6 men and 5 women
  • 5 men and 6 women

A team may play down players and must have at least 7 players minimum on the field. Below are examples of the possible team lineups when a team is playing down:

  • 2 men and 6 women
  • 6 men and 2 woman
  • 1 man and 6 women
  • 6 men and 1 women

The point is to avoid having more than 6 players of any gender on the field.  There must be at least one female player on the field. Teams that consistently forfeit or have low attendance numbers may lose their team slot for the season. 

Each team must have a goalkeeper with a different color jersey from on-field players.


Other free tools for team management