basic summary of our on-field rules:

  • 2017/2018 FIFA rules apply, with some exceptions.
  • No slide tackling, except goalkeepers (subject to FIFA foul rules). 
  • High kicks are never allowed. 
  • Shinguards are required; jewelry is not allowed. 
  • Games are comprised of two 40-minute halves (11 v 11 leagues) or two 25-minute halves (8 v8 leagues).
  • All players must check in to the referee before the game starts with their player pass. 
  • All players must sign a release waiver before participating.  A team forfeits their game if a non-sanctioned player is enters the play of soccer. 

In an outdoor 8v8 game, each team must have at least 3 female players on the field at anytime.

See SFCRSL 8 v 8 Rules and Code of Conduct for compete set of rules

In an outdoor 11v11 game, no team is allowed to have more than 6 players of any gender on the field at anytime.  A team forfeits if it does not have the minimum 7 players, including a goalkeeper, when the match begins. Below are examples of possible acceptable team lineups at kickoff:

  • 6 men and 5 women
  • 5 men and 6 women

A team may play down players and must have at least 7 players minimum on the field. Below are examples of the possible team lineups when a team is playing down:

  • 2 men and 6 women
  • 6 men and 2 woman
  • 1 man and 6 women
  • 6 men and 1 women

The point is to avoid having more than 6 players of any gender on the field.  There must be at least one female player on the field. Teams that consistently forfeit or have low attendance numbers may lose their team slot for the season. 

Each team must have a goalkeeper with a different color jersey from on-field players.


See SFCRSL 11 v 11 Rules and Code of Conduct for compete set of rules.