Seven FIFA reasons to issue a yellow card:

1 dissent by word or actions
2 persistently breaking the rules
3 delaying the restart of play
4 defenders failing to stay the proper distance away from the kicker on a corner kick, free kick or throw-in
5 entering or re-entering the field without the referee's permission
6 deliberately leaving the field without the referees permission
7 unsporting behavior [such as hard fouls, holding an opponent, deliberately handling the ball faking an injury, harassment, jumping in front of a corner kick, free kick or throw-in, trying to prevent goalkeeper from putting the ball into play, climbing on or holding a player, any action designed to deceive the Referee, and behavior which in the referee's judgment is unsporting or causes an unfair advantage].

Seven FIFA reasons to issue a red card:

1 serious foul play
2 violent conduct
3 spitting at anyone
4 deliberately touching the ball with a hand in order to prevent a goal or to deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity
5 fouling an opponent to prevent an obvious goal scoring opportunity
6 using offensive, insulting or threatening language and/or gestures
7 receiving a second yellow card in one game.

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